Graduated students

Postdoctoral Fellow

Name Tenure Education  Present
Tai An-Shun 2019.03 ~ 2022.07 Ph.D. in Department of Statistics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan Assistant Professor,National Cheng Kung University,Department of Statistics
Lee Chung-Han 2019.10 ~ 2022.08 Ph.D. in Department of Statistics, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Assistant Professor,National Chung Cheng University,Department of Mathematics

Doctoral Student

Graduate Year Name
112 Chu Yu-Cheng Causal mediation analysis in longitudinal studies – Integrated multi-mediational g-formula with censoring, death truncation and competing Part1 Part2 Part3
110 Huang Tzu-Yen Study of Postoperative Voice Impairment in patients receiving Neuromonitored Thyroid Surgery
108 Chou Meng-Ying Identifying and Estimating the Antagonism with Marginal Sufficient Component Cause Model

Master Student

Graduate Year Name Thesis
112 Hsu Huan-Chi Quantifying User Work Patterns Based on Smartphone Behavioral Data
111 Yeh Chao-Ying Integrated Interaction-mediation Analysis Under Causally Ordered Multiple Mediators
110 Lu Yung-Teng Adaptive mediation analysis under multiple mediator scenarios
110 Chen Yan-Hung Causal Inference and Mediation analysis on Recurrent event data
110 Lin Chuan Model selection under medical data- Using synthetic data as examples
110 Qiu Hong-Ru Variable selection under medical data- Using synthetic data as examples
110 Hsieh Yi-Chen A Pilot Study of Exploring the Effect of Entacapone on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Through the Analysis of Gut Microbiome
110 Wu Pei-Hua Exploring the Causal Effect of Constipation on Parkinson’s Disease Through Mediation Analysis of Microbial Data
110 Hsia Pei-Hsuan Causal Mediation Analysis for Difference-in-Difference Design and Panel Data
109 Lee Chen-Chien Multiply robust estimation of causal mediation analysis for multiple mediators
109 Liao Le-Hsuan Integral mediation — interaction analysis with multiple mediators
108 Du Yi-Juan Integration of all existing methods for causal multi-mediation analysis
108 Tsai Chun-An Approaches to mediation analysis in the presence of the death-truncated mediator
108 Lin Pei-Hsuan General approach of causal mediation analysis with causally ordered multiple mediators and survival outcome
107 Lin Kuan-I Stochastic approach for sufficient component cause interaction applies to longitudinal studies with right censoring
107 Lin Geng-Xian Causal effect decomposition and risk attribution – unification of counterfactual and sufficient cause framework
107 Lin Shih-Wen The Mediation Parameter Estimation and Sample Size Calculations for the Multiple Mediation Model
107 Liang Ying-Wen Generalized Controlled Direct Effect for Multiple Mediation Analysis with Multiple Mediators
107 Novi Ajeng Salehah Causal Mediation Analysis with Truncated Mediator by Survival Outcome